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Woman covering breast with hands

Breast Augmentation

Dr. Rey has special expertise in breast surgery. After completing his general plastic surgery training, he spent an extra year at Harvard Medical School completing an Aesthetic and Breast Surgery Fellowship. Dr. Rey is a pioneer in the revolutionary no-visible-scar breast augmentation. Studies show that this is a quicker, virtually bloodless technique with shorter recovery period. The entire operation is done through the body’s one natural scar, the belly button, without the need to scar the breast or any other area (“no tell-tale scars”). For those who prefer a more traditional approach, Dr. Rey also performs augmentations through the nipple (areola), the arm pit and under the breast.

Breast Reduction

Dr. Rey offers the latest techniques in breast reduction, including the “inner bra” and other minimal scar techniques. Many of these procedures are done through the nipple, avoiding unsightly “anchor” scars on your breast. Some reductions are covered by insurance.

Breast Lift

Almost any breast can be sculpted into a prettier contour. Dr. Rey utilizes the latest, minimal scar techniques to make breasts perkier and more youthful. In most cases, Dr. Rey can lift and rejuvenate your breast with a small “nipple” (areola) incision , thus avoiding the dreaded older anchor scar on the breast skin.

Lollipop Reduction / Lift

A new reduction has been developed which lifts and reduces the breast without the dreaded horizontal incisions of the older “anchor” technique. This is an important advance as the horizontal scars are usually the poorer healing. Interestingly, unlike older techniques, tissues are not disposed of, but used to augment the saggy breast.

Reconstruction of Uneven Breasts

Breast unevenness (asymmetry) is extremely common. Mild cases can be improved by adding more saline to the implant in the smaller breast. In severe cases, such as Poland Syndrome, different size implants or expandable (injecting more saline over several months) implants are utilized in conjunction with a lift of the larger breast. Some insurance plans cover the reconstruction of Poland Syndrome and severe breast asymmetry.