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Mommy Makeover in Beverly Hills

Becoming a mom can be one of most joyous experiences for a woman, but there is no doubt that it changes your body in ways that cannot be easily reversed. The weight shifts during pregnancy can alter the shape of your body, and diet and exercise aren’t always effective solutions. Hormones released during pregnancy and while breastfeeding change the size and shape of the breasts, and they may not return to their former state once nursing is finished. These changes can transform a mother’s vision of herself, creating feelings of self-consciousness and discouragement when tried-and-true exercise regimens fail to restore her pre-pregnancy body. However, a Mommy Makeover can target multiple areas that have changed post-baby. Dr. Rey’s skill and expertise performing these procedures can help you regain a toned tummy, youthful breasts, and your body confidence!

What Are the Benefits of a Mommy Makeover?

Trim, Toned Tummy

The weight fluctuations that occur throughout pregnancy change the body. As your belly grows, your skin stretches, and it can be difficult to restore a slim midsection after childbirth. Diet and exercise may help initially, but fully restoring your slender, pre-baby tummy will likely require a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty). The procedure will not only address sagging skin but will also correct weak muscles.

Perky, Youthful Breasts

Pregnancy hormones and breastfeeding can alter the appearance of the breasts. Once nursing is completed, the breasts can begin to sag or appear deflated. A Mommy Makeover can consist of a breast lift, breast augmentation, or both. Women who struggle with overly large breasts can even opt for a breast reduction depending on their unique treatment goals and anatomical needs.

Increased Confidence

The changes to your body that occur after pregnancy can be drastic. It can alter your sense of self and can affect your confidence levels. Mothers can feel discouraged when clothing doesn’t fit the same, and it becomes more challenging to find stylish, flattering outfits. By choosing to undergo a Mommy Makeover, women can restore their pre-baby physique and their confidence.

What Does Your Mommy Makeover Include?

Tummy Tuck

tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, reshapes the midsection to restore a smooth, slender stomach. Dr. Rey offers three techniques for this procedure:

  • In a standard tummy tuck, an incision is placed along the lower abdomen, and a second one is created around the navel. Dr. Rey tightens the abdominal muscles as necessary and gently stretches the skin over the stomach before removing the excess tissue.
  • mini tummy tuck focuses only on the lower abdomen. Dr. Rey removes minimal fat deposits and tightens the skin over the lower portion of the stomach. Abdominal muscles can be repaired, if necessary.
  • An extended tummy tuck is ideal for patients who have experienced significant weight loss. This procedure focuses not only on the midsection but also around the hips to the back. Dr. Rey removes excess skin and tightens the remaining skin over the underlying tissue and muscle.

Liposuction is often combined with tummy tuck procedures in cases where excess fat needs removal.

Breast Lift

Breast lift surgery addresses breast sagging (ptosis) and raises them to a more natural position on the chest. Dr. Rey offers four different techniques, each of which targets a specific degree of breast ptosis. Dr. Rey will determine which approach is the most appropriate for each patient during her consultation appointment.

During a breast lift procedure, Dr. Rey reshapes the breast tissue, removes excess skin, and lifts the breasts. If needed, the areola and nipple can be repositioned or reduced. Breast lift surgery can also be combined with breast augmentation to both lift the breasts and increase their size.

Breast Augmentation

For women who want to enhance the size of their breasts after having a baby, breast augmentation is an excellent solution. Dr. Rey has many options available to customize each breast augmentation procedure. From the type of implant and the size, he will take into account your desired final look when helping you determine which path is most appropriate for you.

Breast Reduction

Women whose breasts have become too cumbersome and large can benefit from breast reduction surgery. Dr. Rey utilizes one of three incision techniques based on the specific needs of each patient. Sometimes, liposuction is performed to better remove excess fat. In addition to reducing the size of the breasts, Dr. Rey can also reposition the nipples and areolas.


Liposuction helps patients remove stubborn fat deposits in many places throughout their body. It can be combined with abdominoplasty as well as with a breast reduction to enhance the results of these techniques. Liposuction can also be performed on the thighs, arms, neck, and back.

Dr. Rey inserts a cannula through small incisions created near the treatment site. The cannula gently suctions fat out of the body, and the small size of the device allows for precise contouring of the remaining tissue.

Have Concerns About Your Mommy Makeover?


Typical side effects include swelling, bruising, and some minor discomfort. These are temporary and will subside within a few days to a few weeks after surgery. However, some swelling may remain even longer. Compression garments are recommended after abdominoplasty and breast surgeries. Most patients can resume light daily activities within the first week and return to work within two weeks, but this depends on the procedures performed and individual healing time. Dr. Rey will clear you for more strenuous activities after your follow-up appointment.

You can ensure optimal results and minimize your risk of complications by carefully following Dr. Rey’s aftercare plans. He will provide both pre- and postoperative care instructions that are designed to enhance your results.


The location of your incisions and resulting scars depend on the specific procedures performed. A mini tummy tuck will produce a short scar low on the abdomen that can be hidden by undergarments, whereas a standard tummy tuck involves two incisions. Breast lift incisions depend on the severity of breast ptosis and techniques used.


The price of a Mommy Makeover can vary greatly from patient to patient. A single procedure will cost less than a combination of procedures overall, but you do save by having multiple procedures done at once rather than during separate appointments. During your consultation, Dr. Rey will provide you with a detailed estimate of your costs.


Some discomfort immediately following your procedure is typical, and its duration can vary depending on the procedures you have chosen. Dr. Rey can prescribe pain medications to help alleviate postoperative pain.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I a candidate for a Mommy Makeover?

The Mommy Makeover is ideal for a woman whose body has changed during the childbearing process but who is not ready or willing to accept that change.

Just because you are a mother, there is no requirement for you to live with the effects that pregnancy does to your body. Candidates for Mommy Makeover surgery experience:

  • Drooping or deflated breasts
  • Stubborn, exercise-resistant fat pockets
  • Abdominal skin laxity
  • Stretched or separated abdominal muscles

Candidates for Mommy Makeover surgery should not smoke, be in good overall health, and have realistic expectations for their results.

What if I don’t need all of the procedures included in a Mommy Makeover?

The beauty of the Mommy Makeover is that it is tailored to your aesthetic needs and goals. While a Mommy Makeover commonly combines at least two of the procedures listed above, it does not require that any technique be included. For example, if you suffer from sagging breasts but are otherwise content with your breast size, you can opt for a breast lift without augmentation or reduction. Or, if you have fatty deposits in your stomach but no real laxity, liposuction may be sufficient, and you may not need a tummy tuck.

Will my Mommy Makeover results be permanent?

While your Mommy Makeover results are long lasting, their permanence does depend on your ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle. During an abdominoplasty, Dr. Rey will remove fat deposits and excess skin, but this does not prevent new fat deposits from accumulating or the skin from stretching out again. Results of breast lift and augmentation can also depend on avoidance of significant weight shifts that affect both the size and shape of the breasts. By maintaining a consistent exercise routine and healthy diet, you can better ensure your long-lasting results.

What happens if I get pregnant after my Mommy Makeover?

Mommy Makeover surgery will not prevent or impact a future pregnancy in any way; however, an additional pregnancy may negate your Mommy Makeover results. Because of this, we recommended postponing your Mommy Makeover until you are confident that you will not get pregnant. Should an additional pregnancy occur, you can also return for a “touch-up” body contouring procedure with Dr. Rey.

What risks are associated with a Mommy Makeover?

Mommy Makeover surgery is safe when performed by a skilled surgeon like Dr. Robert Rey. Unfortunately, this is still an invasive surgical process, and there is no way to eradicate risk. Some potential complications after a Mommy Makeover include:

  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Anesthesia risks
  • Hematoma
  • Seroma
  • Blood clots
  • Prolonged wound healing
  • Unfavorable scarring
What can I expect during my consultation with Dr. Rey?

You will meet with Dr. Rey prior to your procedure so that you are informed about all the specific details. He will first discuss your treatment goals. After a physical exam, he will help you decide which procedures are best for you. Dr. Rey will calculate an accurate estimate of your procedure costs and give you specific pre- and postoperative care instructions. He will review the surgical risks, but careful adherence to the care instructions will help minimize them.

What is the best way to prepare for my Mommy Makeover?

During your consultation, Dr. Rey will provide you with specific pre- and postoperative instructions. Preoperative care instructions will include:

  • Which medicines to stop taking before surgery
  • Instructions to stop smoking
  • Making transportation arrangements
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