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Breast Reconstruction in Beverly Hills

Getting diagnosed with breast cancer can be the most terrifying moment of a woman’s life. Overcoming your battle with breast cancer can leave you filled with joy but also worried about the next step. Many women struggle to overcome the negative feelings that can stem from losing their breasts due to a mastectomy. Breast reconstruction surgery can help women reclaim their confidence and bodies following their breast cancer battle.

What Are the Benefits of Breast Reconstruction?

Restore Breast Shape

During a complete mastectomy, all of your breast tissue is removed, including the external features. This will leave you with no breast shape. The goal of breast reconstruction is to recreate the appearance of the breast in the most natural way possible.

Add Nipple-Areolar Complex

The entirety of the nipple-areolar complex is removed during a complete mastectomy. During the reconstruction process, we can construct a nipple out of your breast skin. Tattooing can restore the color of the areola.

Provide Closure

Choosing breast reconstruction is a personal decision. Some women do not wish to undergo the procedure following their mastectomy. However, women who do often say they feel whole again and that having breasts provides them with closure after their arduous journey.

Designing Your Breast Reconstruction

Have Concerns About Breast Reconstruction?

Frequently Asked Questions About Breast Reconstruction

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