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Will Breast Reconstruction Match My Remaining Breast After Mastectomy or Poland Syndrome?

Posted August 15, 2022 in Breast Reconstruction

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If you have undergone lumpectomy or mastectomy or if you suffer from Poland Syndrome (where one breast is significantly smaller than the other), breast reconstruction is available to help you regain a more even breast appearance.

This surgery does wonders in recreating the look and feel of a natural breast, allowing you to feel more comfortable and confident in your body form.

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A major concern for many patients when considering breast reconstruction is the fear that their breasts will be mismatched. This can be embarrassing and also provide a constant reminder of what they have gone through and had to deal with.

During breast reconstruction, the goal is to create a breast that closely resembles your opposite breast. The desired result aims to improve the look and shape of your breast appearance, not necessarily achieve perfection. 

While there is a chance of breast asymmetry, this risk is quite low with a skilled surgeon.

Achieving Breast Symmetry in Breast Reconstruction Procedure

Will My Breasts Be the Same After Breast Reconstruction?

For most patients, their reconstructed breast will be a close — but not identical — match to their remaining breast. Further, although the procedure can restore the shape of your breast, the reconstructed breast will not have the same sensations as the breast it replaces (in cases of mastectomy). 

This is why it is important to openly discuss your expectations and possible outcomes before the procedure to ensure you have realistic goals for restoring your breast and body image.

What Breast Surgeries Can Help Improve Symmetry After Breast Reconstruction?

In cases where breast symmetry of the size and position of both breasts cannot be accomplished by reconstruction alone, it may be recommended to have surgery on the other breast to achieve balance

This could be through breast augmentation to boost size, breast lift surgery (mastopexy) to lift or elevate breast projection, or breast reduction to reduce size. Your surgeon will work with you to determine the procedure(s) that will deliver the best cosmetic result.

For women who wish to obtain closer symmetry or whose prior reconstruction is unsatisfactory, the additional procedure(s) may be necessary. Fortunately, they can help create a youthful and revitalized bust appearance. 

For women undergoing breast reconstruction after cancer treatment, they may need to wait to heal from the first stage of breast reconstruction before undergoing improvements to achieve a symmetrical appearance. 

It is crucial that you give your body enough time to heal and allow for swelling to subside.

After reshaping the remaining breast to match the reconstructed breast, you most certainly will feel better about how you look and renew your self-confidence. 

Looking to Correct Breast Asymmetry After Breast Reconstruction?

Dr. Robert Rey can help you regain your breast symmetry. 

If you have undergone treatment for breast cancer or suffer from a condition that resulted in a significant size difference between your breasts, breast reconstruction can help. Feel free to contact us at 310-205-3107 or fill our online form to schedule your consultation. We will help you find the right approach for you.