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Category: Breast Augmentation

3 Ways to Create Curves With Plastic Surgery

Posted August 25, 2020

2 Minute Read: Women want to feel comfortable in their bodies and show off their feminine curves. The “ideal” body shape is often one that accentuates a slim waist, curvy bottom, and fuller breasts. Unfortunately, we can’t all be born with this perfect shape. And, even if we are, age often takes a toll on […]

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Can I Still Breastfeed After Breast Surgery?

Posted April 06, 2020

3 Minute Read: Breast surgery is a big commitment. Like any other plastic surgery, there are significant benefits to be gained; however, there are also risks to keep in mind and questions to ask before undergoing the procedure. For many women, one of these risks involves one common question: Can I still breastfeed after surgery?  What Kinds […]

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Breast Surgery Preparation

Posted December 16, 2019

2 min read From visibly voluptuous to a subtle enhancement, breast surgery helps women everywhere get the look they’ve always desired. But change isn’t always easy. Most breast surgery procedures, including breast augmentation, can take weeks to recover from. As surgery day approaches, here’s a handy list of do’s and don’ts that will help ensure […]

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How to Get Ready for the Summer

Posted March 14, 2019

Summer is known as the time to engage in beach trips, backyard barbeques, family vacations, and long-awaited relaxation. While some patients look forward to participating in these fun activities, others may feel concerned about revealing their body due to having developed unwanted fat or excess skin in troubled areas. Many people who want to look […]

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Getting Used to Your New Breasts

Posted February 01, 2019

Breast augmentation can be a significant life event for many women who wish to improve the size and shape of their breasts. While breast augmentation is known to enhance a woman’s overall figure and self-esteem, some patients may find themselves still adjusting to their new bust even after their procedure. While not uncommon, getting used […]

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Is Breast Augmentation Right for Me?

Posted November 27, 2018

When a woman looks in the mirror, she may feel unsatisfied or self-conscious about her appearance. Some women may have developed wrinkles, fine lines, and other noticeable signs of aging. However, most women who wish to change their appearance want to enhance their small or uneven breasts. Breast augmentation has become the most sought-after cosmetic […]

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No Scars, No Problem With Breast Augmentation

Posted September 24, 2018

Breast augmentation, or augmentation mammaplasty, is known to enhance the size and shape of a woman’s breasts. While many patients opt for this procedure to attain the figure of their dreams, others may second guess their decision due to the thought of scarring. Visible scars from any breast surgery are a common concern among many […]

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Am I Ready for Plastic Surgery?

Posted July 18, 2018

Plastic surgery is no small feat. Between the preparation, financial costs, recovery time, and emotional stresses of altering and enhancing certain features, plastic surgery is a decision that should result only after a good deal of thought. So before you jump into the operating room, you should ask yourself the following questions. Who Am I […]

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Get Set for Summer

Posted March 20, 2018

Summer is the time for beach trips, backyard barbeques, family functions, and long-awaited vacations. While engaging in all of these fun events, wanting to look and feel your best is definitely a top priority. Undergoing cosmetic surgery before summer is very common, and spring is the ideal time to consider getting a little help to […]

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What to Consider When Considering Breast Augmentation

Posted January 24, 2018

When it comes to plastic surgery, breast augmentation is the gold standard. Women desire alterations to their breasts for a multitude of reasons. But unlike some other popular cosmetic procedures, which are traditionally performed on older demographics, girls as young as in their teens and early 20s can become interested in breast implants. Many young […]

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