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Category: Breast Reduction

Four Types of Breast Reduction

Posted November 28, 2023

Not all breasts are created equal—and neither are breast reduction procedures. When a woman decides that she’s had enough of her large, cumbersome breasts, she might think a reduction is pretty straightforward. Well, not quite.  Below, we will discuss the four types of breast reduction techniques and who may be a candidate for each to […]

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When Having Big Boobs Stops Being Fun

Posted April 19, 2023

4 Minute Read: Even if you loved having voluptuous breasts at some point (or still do), you likely understand that they typically come at a high price. It can be a lot of fun having big boobs, especially when you’re young, but many women begin to have issues with them over time, some sooner than […]

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Top 7 Health Benefits of Breast Reduction Surgery

Posted August 03, 2021

2 Minute Read: Women with overly large breasts often suffer from health problems due to the extra weight they carry. From body aches to chronic discomfort, there are various reasons why women consider breast reduction surgery.  A crucial reason is to reap the diverse, significant health benefits that make it possible to live a normal, […]

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Why Should I Be At My Ideal Weight Before a Breast Reduction?

Posted May 11, 2021

3 Minute Read: Many women with heavy and large breasts opt for breast reduction surgery to alleviate years of pain and discomfort.  If you are overweight before your plastic surgery procedure, your plastic surgeon may ask you to reach a healthy, stable weight that you can maintain before undergoing the reduction. Here is why. Losing […]

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How Is the Lollipop Method Changing Breast Reduction?

Posted June 15, 2020

2 Minute Read: Lollipop breast reduction is a surgical technique that offers more youthful-looking breasts with minimal incision lines. It’s a popular option among women looking to reduce their breast size and have a breast lift performed but are concerned about the resulting scar. Also known as the vertical breast reduction, this technique involves making […]

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How a Breast Reduction Could Change Your Life

Posted December 17, 2018

Large, perky breasts are a trait that many women associate with femininity and beauty. While round, full breasts may be flattering on some women and can help them achieve beautiful curves, for others, it can be a source of discontentment and even pain. Excessively large and heavy breasts can interfere with your daily lifestyle and […]

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Breast Reduction to Improve Athletic Performance

Posted June 28, 2017

Women love the look of large, buxom breasts. Being naturally well-endowed, however, does have its drawbacks, especially when it comes to exercise. Voluptuous breasts can cause back and shoulder pain, making even everyday tasks difficult. Many busty women can engage in physical activity with the help of sports bras, but they are still limited as […]

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