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Four Types of Breast Reduction

Posted November 28, 2023 in Breast Reduction

Not all breasts are created equal—and neither are breast reduction procedures. When a woman decides that she’s had enough of her large, cumbersome breasts, she might think a reduction is pretty straightforward. Well, not quite. 

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Below, we will discuss the four types of breast reduction techniques and who may be a candidate for each to highlight how every procedure is specifically designed to fit the woman who desires it. 

What Is Breast Reduction Surgery?

Some women long for large breasts, while others have had enough. Breast reduction surgery is for the latter. Large breasts may be seen as an ideal to some people, but living with heavy, pendulous breasts can be difficult, both mentally and physically. 

Having large, pendulous breasts not only creates back and neck pain and spurs trouble sleeping and even breathing, but they can also be a nuisance! Many women with large breasts find it difficult to engage in physical activity comfortably, which places undue limitations on them.

As we age, the skin becomes more lax as it loses elasticity. Accommodating large, heavy breasts doesn’t do your skin any favors either, as the weight can contribute to even more sagging or breast ptosis, which can cause the breasts to lose their natural shape. 

Pregnancy and childbirth can complicate matters even further, as hormonal changes and a loss of volume can cause the breast tissue to droop and the nipples to become downturned. 

Suffice it to say many women are looking towards the benefits of breast reduction surgery. This procedure primarily removes excess breast tissue and fat, creating a smaller, more proportionate profile of the breasts. But there’s more: breast reduction surgery often includes the removal of excess skin that causes ptosis, which means this procedure can restore the breasts to a perkier position on the chest, restructure the tissue to a more pleasing shape, and eliminate the most common issues caused by heavy breasts. 

What Are the Four Breast Reduction Incision Types?

Each breast reduction procedure is carefully designed for each woman. The incision types relate to the size of the woman’s breasts, the level of revision necessary, and her specific goals for the procedure. 

Donut Incision

This incision encircles the outer border of the areola (the darker skin around the nipple). This technique is ideal for women needing minor reduction, as minimal tissue and skin are removed. The benefits of this incision type include less visible scarring.


This incision encircles the areola, like the donut, but continues down vertically towards the breast line (where the breast meets the ribcage). This is best for moderate revision, as your surgeon can remove a more significant amount of tissue and skin. 


The anchor incision encircles the areola, moves vertically towards the breast line, and then creates a horizontal line at the bottom of the breast. This technique allows for the greatest amount of revision, as your surgeon can remove a large amount of breast tissue and skin for a transformative result. 


Alternatively, liposuction can be used to remove excess fat deposits around the breasts and chest to help reduce the weight and size of the breasts. 

Your Beverly Hills Breast Reduction Expert

Dr. Robert Rey is a cosmetic breast and body specialist in Beverly Hills, CA, combining expert precision and extensive experience for stunning results. 

Each of Dr. Rey’s breast reduction patients is treated as an individual: your consultation will allow him to assess your needs and goals for the procedure, so that he can make a personalized treatment plan to address all their hopes. 

Interested in Breast Reduction Surgery in Beverly Hills, CA?

If you’re ready to reduce the size, reshape, and lift your large breasts for a total transformation, call Dr. Robert Rey at (310) 205-3107 or fill out our online contact form