How Can I Get a Bigger Butt?

Although the ideal body shape includes a large, round backside, many people find it difficult to get the butt size and shape they desire. For the last couple of years, the popularity of a “big booty” has continued to grow. Thanks to celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian, many people are looking into […]

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Nothing BUTT the Truth About Butt Augmentation Recovery

Butt Augmentation Recovery Guideline Recovery from surgery involves plenty of rest and relaxation. With most surgeries, this involves reclining in an easy chair with your feet propped up, or lying on your back surrounded by a sea of pillows. With butt augmentation surgery, putting pressure on your bum all day is obviously not the best […]

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Butt Implants Los Angeles

Are Buttock Implants Right for You? Dr. Robert Rey is highly-regarded as an innovator in the field of aesthetic enhancements and offers some of the most highly requested face, breast, and body procedures available. One body contouring procedure that has risen in popularity is buttock implant surgery, or “gluteal augmentation.” Why Choose Buttock Implants? Butt […]

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Dr. Rey In The Media