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Why Should I Be At My Ideal Weight Before a Breast Reduction?

Posted May 11, 2021 in Breast Reduction

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Many women with heavy and large breasts opt for breast reduction surgery to alleviate years of pain and discomfort. 

If you are overweight before your plastic surgery procedure, your plastic surgeon may ask you to reach a healthy, stable weight that you can maintain before undergoing the reduction. Here is why.

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Losing Weight After May Alter Your Breast Reduction Results

It is highly recommended that patients be at their ideal weight before undergoing breast reduction surgery because fluctuating weight can cause breast size to change. If you have a breast reduction and then lose significant weight, your already reduced breasts may decrease further in size or significant sagging.

Because of the changes in the skin after major weight loss, the breasts may appear saggy or droopy, affecting the beautiful cosmetic outcome of a previous breast reduction. Therefore, if you plan to lose weight, whether through bariatric surgery or other traditional methods, you may want to consider having breast reduction after your weight loss is complete.

You Want to Start With a Solid Foundation

Being at a healthy weight also gives your surgeon a clear idea of how much breast tissue needs to be removed to provide you with a balanced body proportion. It is much easier to match your new breast size to your body if you are at an ideal weight, so your surgeon needs to understand your weight loss goals as part of the surgical decision-making process.

More importantly, following your weight loss, you might realize that a full reduction procedure is unnecessary. A breast lift could be all you need to tighten and restore the breasts to a more youthful position. The nipples may also be repositioned so that they sit higher on the breast mound.

Finally, just like any surgery, a patient’s weight does affect the risk of complications. Previous studies have shown a considerable association between body mass index (BMI) and complication rate.

With that said, the best way to lose weight before undergoing a breast reduction procedure is to commit to a healthy lifestyle that incorporates:

Exercising Regularly 

Commit to a regular workout routine. To lose weight, you have to burn more calories than you consume.

Staying Hydrated

Drink lots of water. You do not want to confuse thirst for hunger.

Avoiding Processed Foods

Keep track of what you eat and avoid processed foods as these contain high calories. Consider having more lean proteins, vegetables, and fruits while limiting carbohydrates.

Limiting Sugar Intake

Cut back on your sugar intake. Always ensure you read labels because even the foods you presume to be healthy can be loaded with sugar.

Remember, it is important to maintain a stable, healthy weight post-surgery, as weight gain can detrimentally impact your results.

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