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Top 7 Health Benefits of Breast Reduction Surgery

Posted August 03, 2021 in Breast Reduction

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Women with overly large breasts often suffer from health problems due to the extra weight they carry. From body aches to chronic discomfort, there are various reasons why women consider breast reduction surgery. 

A crucial reason is to reap the diverse, significant health benefits that make it possible to live a normal, active, and comfortable lifestyle without worrying about physical and emotional pain.

Woman supporting the top and bottom of her breast with her hands.

Here are some of the top health benefits of undergoing breast reduction.

1. Eases Back Pain

Breast reduction has proven to be a popular solution that alleviates the pain and discomfort associated with large and heavy breasts. Many women who have had the procedure performed successfully report reduced back pain, including alleviating mild scoliosis.

2. Corrects Bra Strap Grooving

Bra strap grooving is another common indication of heavy breasts. The sheer weight of the breasts exerts excess pressure on the bra straps, causing them to leave marks and constant distress on the shoulders and below the shoulder blades.

Breast reduction takes a lot of the extra weight off, which significantly reduces shoulder divots from bra straps. 

Most patients are more than happy with the comfort that comes with well-sized and proportioned breasts.

3. Inspires Better Posture

Women with larger breasts may notice that their posture is slumped. This forward hunching leads to compression where the shoulder blades and nerves converge and can cause chronic pain. 

Breast reduction makes the breasts to be in proper proportion with the rest of the body, helping to improve a woman’s posture.

4. Reduces Rashes and Other Skin Irritations

Women with large breasts also experience recurrent rashes or infections. This is caused by the constant friction of the breast skin where it meets the crease leading to inflammation. 

Breast reduction surgery provides relief from such rashes or even prevents them altogether, resulting in improved hygiene and better quality of life.

5. Simplifies Exercising and Makes It More Enjoyable

Many women with heavy breasts find it challenging to enjoy exercise sessions. Reducing the breast size allows them to engage in even more vigorous activities like running and dancing.

6. Eases Numbness of the Hands and Fingers

The tension caused by heavy breasts may cause a tingling or numbing feeling of the hands and fingers/upper extremities, which may hinder functionality.

7. Reduces Stress Levels

For many women with overly large breasts, the self-consciousness of dealing with unsupportive bras and having an unsightly top-heavy appearance can lead to anxiety and depression. 

Having the breasts reduced to a more desirable size promotes better self-esteem, consequently improving mental health.

Interested in Breast Reduction in Beverly Hills?

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