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How Long Will My Implants Last? (And What Do I Do When Something Goes Wrong?)

Posted January 09, 2023 in Breast Augmentation, Breast Implants

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Breast augmentation surgery remains one of the most popular cosmetic surgical procedures each year. This is due in large part to the transformative results that this procedure has on women’s bodies and minds. 

Not only are women able to achieve the larger, fuller, and more shapely breasts that they’ve always wanted, but breast augmentation surgery can help women feel more confident and comfortable with the appearance of their bodies. 

Woman holding breast implants in her hands while talking with her surgeon

While breast augmentation results tend to last for years, the reality that women need to understand is that these results do not necessarily last a lifetime. 

That is because this procedure uses breast implants, which are not expected to last forever. However, that doesn’t mean that you will lose your stunning results after your implants have worn out. 

This blog will take a look at breast implants to better help you understand what to expect with your own implants (or those you are looking to get).

Should I Replace or Remove My Implant?

Women can choose to either have their implants replaced, where the old implants are removed and new ones (either of the same size and type or different in size, shape, or texture) are added, or women can choose to remove their implants altogether. 

The procedure is similar for both options; however, with a replacement procedure, new implants will be inserted, while with a full removal, your old implants will be removed and your incisions closed.

Additional surgical techniques, such as a capsulectomy, may need to be performed if the capsule is causing any problems. 

What Is the Lifespan of Breast Implants?

For breast augmentation surgery, Dr. Rey will use a saline (salt water solution) or silicone material for your implants. One of the best aspects of this procedure is that breast augmentation is a completely customizable procedure. 

During your breast augmentation consultation, you will be able to choose the material as well as the size, shape, placement, and texture of your implants. You will also be able to decide if you want to add breast lift surgery (mastopexy) to your procedure, since a breast augmentation doesn’t affect the youthful perkiness and position of your breasts. 

Regardless of the material used for your implants, implants are estimated to last 10 to 20 years. 

There are various causes for the lifespan of implants, including:

Age of Implant 

Though not all implants will develop issues, the reality is that silicone and saline material wears down, which increases the chances of an implant rupture. To minimize the risk of a rupture, the quality and health of the implants should be evaluated every few years, and if they are wearing thin, then the implants will need to be removed.

Frustration With the Implant 

Sometimes, women have a breast augmentation procedure only to realize after that they are unhappy with their results. This may be because the procedure was performed by an inexperienced surgeon or because they simply do not like the look or feel of their larger breasts. 

If this happens, then replacement or removal surgery can be performed by Dr. Rey, who is skilled and knowledgeable with breast procedures.

Capsular Contracture 

Capsular contracture is a complication that can occur with breast implants after augmentation surgery. This condition happens when excessive scar tissue around the implant hardens, causing swelling and pain. The implant (and capsule) can be removed completely or you can have a replacement implant inserted. 


Infection is another concern that may occur after breast augmentation. Like capsular contracture, infection is rare, but if it is present after augmentation, then it must be dealt with and corrected immediately, as infection can lead to serious health concerns.


If a woman develops breast cancer at any stage of her implants’ lifespan, then the implants may need to be removed, especially during treatment. This, however, is not a hard and fast rule. Instead, it is a decision that must be made with your oncologist and plastic surgeon. 

In the End…

There is no set lifespan for breast implants. Some women will be able to have their same implants in place with no issues for upwards of twenty years, while other women will need to have their implants removed in less time. 

If you are happy with the look and feel of your breasts, and there are no problems with them, then there’s absolutely no reason to undergo another procedure. 

Being aware of your breasts and body, and having check-up appointments every few years, can help to ensure that your breasts continue to look great while remaining healthy.

Want to Learn More?

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