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5 Tips to Reduce Scarring After Plastic Surgery

Posted February 20, 2023 in Plastic Surgery Scarring

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Women and men undergo plastic surgery procedures to help correct various aesthetic concerns, so the idea of resulting scars on the skin after these cosmetic procedures can seem like a contradictory result. 

The unfortunate truth is that scars are a part of any invasive cosmetic procedure (such as tummy tuck surgery, breast augmentation surgery, and a Mommy Makeover); however, just because these surgeries cause scars doesn’t mean that those scars need to interfere with you loving your results.

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Below, we’ll discuss five of the best ways to minimize the visibility of scars after plastic surgery.

1. Allow Your Body to Rest 

Regardless of the type of plastic surgery procedure you undergo, you will likely be excited to show off your stunning results to the world and get back to your normal life. 

However, trying to return to any of your daily activities immediately following surgery can be one of the more problematic things, both to your recovery and your results (including the presence of scars). 

By pushing your body too soon (including exercise and lifting objects), you can put unwanted stress on the healing incisions. This can cause them to widen and separate. When this happens, the resulting scars will be larger and more noticeable than they would be otherwise. 

It is important to follow your postoperative instructions as closely as possible, which includes resting your body to allow your incisions to heal completely and cleanly.

2. Keep Out of the Sun 

The ultraviolet rays from the sun can do several things to detract from your plastic surgery recovery and results. 

First, the exposure to sunlight can slow down the speed of tissue healing, which can prolong your recovery. Secondly, like a tan on your skin, the rays from the sun can cause the scar tissue to darken in color, making it more noticeable. Instead of a darker scar, you want to allow your scar to become as light in color as possible so that it is not as visible. 

To help combat scar discoloration, it is important that you stay out of direct sunlight, and if you do need to be outside (especially during your recovery period), make sure to apply sunscreen with a broad-spectrum SPF to the area. When possible, cover the surgical area with clothing and/or a hat.

3. Use Topical Treatments 

There is a plethora of topical creams and ointments available on the market that can help to minimize the appearance of scars. These scar-fading creams and topical treatments can also help to reduce discomfort and itchiness, which is definitely helpful to minimizing the appearance of scars, since scratching at a healing incision can worsen the resulting scar.

Some of the most beneficial of these treatments is silicone strips and silicone gel, which help to keep the healing incision hydrated while also promoting collagen production. This helps the skin remain as healthy as possible to allow the incision to heal more completely.

4. Eat Healthy 

Since you were in elementary school, you’ve heard about the importance of eating healthy, and a healthy diet cannot be more essential than after a surgical procedure. Eating foods with proper nutrients (such as foods that are high in vitamin E and vitamin B) can help your skin heal more efficiently and completely. 

Additionally, hydration is so essential to the quality and health of your skin. You will want to make sure to drink plenty of water and avoid drinks (like soda) that are high in sugars and sodium.

5. Be Patient

It can be easy to roll your eyes at this one. No one wants to wait, and being told to be patient can make us feel like we’re being scolded by our parents, but there’s truth to the importance of patience after plastic surgery procedures. 

Scarring will be much more apparent during the weeks and months following your procedure. These will significantly fade naturally over the first 12 to 18 months and, if you follow the suggestions above, with enough time, you can look forward to barely noticing that scar, if at all!

Interested in Learning More About Minimizing Your Plastic Surgery Scars?

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