When a woman looks in the mirror, she may feel unsatisfied or self-conscious about her appearance. Some women may have developed wrinkles, fine lines, and other noticeable signs of aging. However, most women who wish to change their appearance want to enhance their small or uneven breasts.

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Breast augmentation has become the most sought-after cosmetic procedure among women of all ages. Not only will it improve the size and shape of your breasts, but it can also enhance your sense of beauty and self-esteem. Because choosing to undergo this surgery is a very personal decision, knowing if you are a good candidate and which surgical technique is best suited for your body type are important factors in your decision making process.

Breast augmentation is an invasive procedure, and most women interested in undergoing this surgery have considered it for many years. Some women who wish to undergo breast augmentation desire a more voluptuous, curvy silhouette. Others would like their breasts to look bigger and more natural, while some wish to get their pre-pregnancy breasts back. Many women who have decided to get breast augmentation also want to achieve the following:

  • Enhance the size of their naturally small breasts
  • Correct asymmetry
  • Restore volume after weight loss or breastfeeding
  • More clothing options
  • A balanced and natural-looking figure
  • Improve their self-confidence

Patients interested in undergoing breast augmentation must also have realistic goals and expectations for their procedure. During your consultation, Dr. Rey will examine the current state of your breasts, learn your reasons for wanting surgery, and answer any questions you may have about the procedure. He will also discuss how much of a size increase you would like.

Your Breast Augmentation Choices

Many different factors must be taken into consideration before having breast augmentation surgery. These include:

  • Implant type
  • Implant size
  • Implant shape
  • Placement

Breast implants are made of silicone and filled with either a sterile saline solution or a silicone gel. They can come in a variety of shapes (round or contoured), surfaces (smooth or textured), and profiles (low or high).

Lastly, the placement of your implants on your chest wall will also influence your decision. Patients can choose one of two implant placement options:

  • Submuscular placement (under the muscle) is the most commonly recommended implant placement and can be used with all breast implant types. With submuscular placement, implants are placed under the pectoral muscle for natural-looking breasts. This option is best for women who have little breast tissue.
  • Subglandular placement (over the muscle) is typically performed with silicone breast implants. This approach is appropriate for patients who desire more cleavage and larger-looking breasts. Subglandular placement can also make the breasts look rounder. Patients with adequate existing breast tissue can achieve natural-looking enhancement with subglandular placement.

If you are considering breast augmentation, contact our office at (310) 205-3107 or schedule a consultation with Dr. Rey today! He will be happy to provide you with more information on breast implants and determine if you are a good candidate.

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