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Why Are Women Concerned About “Down There”?

Posted October 30, 2018 in Labiaplasty

For years, talking about the vulva seemed taboo and made many women feel uncomfortable or embarrassed. Women should not only feel comfortable talking about their labia, but they should also be willing to improve that specific area of their body for cosmetic and health reasons. One procedure that many women have kept quiet about but are now becoming more accepting of is labiaplasty.

Labiaplasty is a safe, surgical procedure designed to remove excess, bothersome labial tissue that can distort the appearance of a woman’s labia and cause physical discomfort. Labiaplasty will not only improve the appearance, size, and shape of the labia, but it can also help women feel more comfortable discussing their concerns about “down there” openly.

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What Is Labiaplasty?

Weight loss, genetics, pregnancy, or aging can cause a loss of fullness in both the inner and outer labia. Labiaplasty involves trimming excess or hanging tissue from the labia minora so they can be discreetly hidden inside the labia majora. Labiaplasty can also be performed on one or both sides to reduce asymmetry and leave you feeling beautiful and confident.

Reasons Women Undergo Labiaplasty

Loose, hanging skin or excess vulval tissue can cause physical and emotional discomfort for many women. Some women may also feel embarrassed about the overall appearance of their enlarged labia. Labiaplasty can provide both psychological and physical comfort, as well as enhance a woman’s confidence during intimate situations. This procedure can also make physical activities like exercising or playing sports much more comfortable. Women who undergo labiaplasty may do so for the following cosmetic and functional reasons:

  • The labia showing through clothing
  • Irritation and discomfort during intercourse
  • Painful hygienic problems
  • Vaginal infections


Labiaplasty Methods

Depending on the extent of correction and your preferences, labiaplasty may be performed using one or more of the following methods:

  • Trim method: The trim method will remove excess tissue from along the outer edge of your labia minora to reduce the size and create a more youthful labia.
  • Wedge method: The wedge method will require a V-shaped wedge of tissue to be removed from each side of your labial fold. The remaining tissue will then be pulled together and closed, maintaining the natural edge and coloring of the labia.
  • Fat transfer: The fat transfer method is best performed on patients who have lost a significant amount of weight. Fat will be harvested from the belly or thighs and then injected into the labia to restore a more youthful appearance.


Whether your labia are impacting your self-esteem with your significant other, visible through tight-fitting clothes, or causing you physical discomfort, labiaplasty may be the right procedure for you.

For more information about labiaplasty and to determine if you are a good candidate, schedule a consultation with Dr. Robert Rey online or contact our office at (310) 205-3107.