Pregnancy is the creation of new life, and it is not without sacrifice. Your body goes through profound changes, and while some things may revert back to their pre-pregnancy state, others will not. A tummy tuck can help you take back your body by tightening your abdominal muscles, eliminating stretch marks, and removing excess fat and skin to flatten your stomach.

The Reasons Behind Getting a Tummy Tuck After Pregnancy

Before and After Tummy TuckAfter childbirth, a new mother is now responsible for a helpless and needy infant and is therefore less free to focus on her own physical needs. Even if the woman adopts a healthy lifestyle and is attentive to exercising and eating healthy, some things may never improve. Diastasis recti, where the abdominal muscles separate and form a gap, is an example of a pregnancy-induced change that is difficult to correct. This condition causes a stomach pooch that may shrink after childbirth, but for many women, it will never go away. Other examples include stretched out abdominal skin, excess stomach fat, and stretch marks. A tummy tuck can correct all of these conditions to improve and tone your waistline.

Important Considerations Before Getting a Tummy Tuck

There are a few important considerations that mothers must be aware of before pursuing a tummy tuck. The first point is that it is best to wait until you have finished having children before undergoing tummy tuck surgery. A tummy tuck will not prevent you from having children in the future, nor should it adversely affect any future pregnancy. However, additional pregnancies are likely to reverse the effects of your tummy tuck surgery. In fact, diastasis recti is more common in women who have multiple pregnancies or who become pregnant after age 35. To achieve the greatest benefit from your procedure, wait to undergo tummy tuck surgery until you have finished having children.

Also, women should be aware that it is important to wait approximately six months after delivery before undergoing a tummy tuck. This time frame is essential for the uterus to shrink and for the body to revert naturally back as much as possible to its pre-pregnancy form.

Finally, mothers should consider that not all women need a traditional tummy tuck. You may be eligible for a mini tummy tuck, which has a smaller incision and offers more minimal correction. Dr. Rey can help you determine which procedure will best accomplish your goals. Whichever procedure you undergo, your results will give you the flatter tummy you desire after pregnancy.

After making so many sacrifices to give birth to your child or children, take your body back with tummy tuck surgery. Dr. Robert M. Rey specializes in minimal scar plastic surgery and can help you achieve the best results possible. To schedule your personal consultation with Dr. Rey, please call our office at (310) 205-3107 or complete our online contact form today.


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