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Why Should I Consider Labiaplasty in My Mommy Makeover?

Posted July 27, 2020 in Labiaplasty

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The Mommy Makeover surgery is a transformative approach for restoring youthful and healthy appearances to mothers or women looking for comprehensive body contouring. While Mommy Makeover surgery is easily one of the most complete surgeries to date, combining everything from abdominoplasty to breast augmentation to liposuction, some patients still feel that there is more to be desired for their more intimate areas. 

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Now, more than ever, women are considering vaginal rejuvenation as a part of their Mommy Makeover to enhance their comfort. A Mommy Makeover does not necessarily address the more intimate wear and tear that can come from childbirth, and some women feel that remedying this is a great way to top off their new transformation. 

Here are more reasons why labiaplasty may be right for you. 

When Is Labiaplasty Right For Me?

Labiaplasty is a surgery designed to revitalize a woman’s labial appearance by trimming and reducing the size of the labia minora. Women who experience labial hypertrophy, also known as an enlarged labia minora, can suffer from discomfort, irritation, or pain during physical activities and intimate contact. This can also cause a lack of self-esteem since the labia may be overly visible when wearing clothing that is tight to the body.

If any of these issues sound similar to your experiences, then labiaplasty may be right for you. Women who deal with emotional distress from the size or appearance of their labia may find physical comfort and peace of mind after their labiaplasty. 

What Are the Benefits of Combining Labiaplasty With a Mommy Makeover?

There are many benefits to combining a labiaplasty with your Mommy Makeover. Patients who have their surgeries done in one session often experience a greater sense of convenience, as there is no need for scheduling multiple dates for each procedure. Additionally, this also helps patients during the recovery process as it offers patients the ability to heal all at once. This is particularly useful for people with busy schedules who require the least amount of time off as possible. 

What Other Procedures Go Well With a Mommy Makeover and Labiaplasty?

Patients interested in a Mommy Makeover will be happy to discover that many procedures, including labiaplasty, can be included in their treatment. Mommy Makeover treatments may also include butt augmentations and liposuction of nearly any area of the body. This combination can enhance a woman’s lifestyle, making for easier fitting clothes and more comfortable workout routines that do not cause chaffing or irritation.

Interested in Learning More About Labiaplasty and Mommy Makeover?

The Mommy Makeover is one of the most customizable procedures in modern aesthetic medicine. Dr. Rey is a highly trained and experienced surgeon with the professionalism to customize your treatment plan according to your needs. Dr. Rey will go over all of your concerns about the procedure and what it can achieve. Contact us today at (310) 205-3107 or fill out our online contact form to schedule a consultation.