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Will My Implants Change After Pregnancy?

Posted August 31, 2018 in Breast Implants

Many women choose to undergo breast augmentation before they consider having children or even before they finish having children. While enhancing the size and shape of the breasts creates a substantial boost in confidence and self-esteem for a young woman, there is a chance that the appearance of the breasts (and, therefore, the implants) will change over time, especially after pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding. It is a recognized fact that breasts alter after a woman becomes a mother, and this is true for all women, whether they’ve had previous breast augmentation or not.

Portrait of a mother with her newborn baby

During pregnancy, the breasts swell as the production of milk begins, and they remain enlarged through the entirety of the pregnancy and breastfeeding journey. Once breastfeeding has ended, the breasts will likely shrink and return to their original size. It’s at this time when many women witness the changes that pregnancy and breastfeeding have caused. Breast sagging and deflation are common occurrences in women after they have children. While the implants themselves will not change during the childbearing process, the rest of the breast may, and an augmented breast may still develop an altered appearance. If this is the case, surgical fixes can restore breasts and implants to their pre-pregnancy aesthetic.

What Can Be Done?

Breast Lift

A breast lift is the most common way to address the changes that have occurred with pregnancy, with or without a woman having previous implants. A breast lift eliminates breast ptosis (sagging) by removing the excess skin and tightening the tissues that contribute to the altered appearance. This procedure can be performed easily with implants and will not affect the implants themselves.

Exchanging Your Implants

For some women, having children causes their breasts to deflate, which often leads many mothers toward breast implants to restore the fullness of their breasts. For women who already have implants, deflation of the natural breast can still occur. If this happens, a woman may desire a larger implant to counteract the change. Exchanging the implant for a larger size is a possible way to restore the appearance of the breast to its pre-pregnancy state.

Dr. Rey recommends that you postpone any procedure until after you have finished having children as additional pregnancies may affect the results.

If the appearance of your augmented breasts has changed after pregnancy, contact Dr. Robert Rey today to set up a consultation by calling 310-205-3107.