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Breast Implant California

The accomplished breast implants California plastic surgeon; Dr. Robert Rey brings to Beverly Hills a dedication to no scar or minimal scar plastic surgery. Dr. Rey treats a large number of film, television and fashion industry patients, so this California plastic surgeon is keenly aware of the importance of minimal scars and is extremely dedicated to a natural look. Dr. Rey is also fully trained as a General Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon. This talented breast implant Californian specialist has attended some of the top American educational institutions. By keeping on the leading edge of plastic and reconstructive surgery, Dr. Rey is able to perform innovative procedures including through-the-navel breast enhancement surgery.
Dr. Rey has special expertise in breast implants in California. After completing his general plastic surgery training, he spent an extra year at Harvard Medical School completing an Aesthetic and Breast Surgery Fellowship. Dr. Rey is a pioneer in the revolutionary no-visible-scar technique. Studies show that this is a quicker, virtually bloodless technique with shorter recovery period. The entire operation is done through the body's one natural scar, the belly button, without the need to scar the breast or any other area For those who prefer a more traditional approach, Dr. Rey also performs augmentations through the nipple (areola), the armpit and under the breast.

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462 N Linden Dr., Ste. 240 • Beverly Hills, CA 90212 • Tel: (310) 205-3107 • Fax: (310) 205-8822

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California cosmetic surgeon Robert Rey, M.D., M.P.P., a Beverly Hills plastic surgery expert and lead surgeon on E! Entertainment's "Dr. 90210," offers procedures for aesthetic and reconstructive purposes. Specializing in breast augmentation with the use of breast implants at his Beverly Hills practice, as well as offering breast enlargement to patients throughout Los Angeles, our plastic surgeon in California encourages visitors to view the breast augmentation photos on this Web site. Also a California tummy tuck specialist, our Los Angeles plastic surgeon features tummy tuck photos in addition to breast augmentation pictures. Other procedures by Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, California plastic surgeon Dr. Rey include liposuction, butt implants, vaginoplasty, and labiaplasty. Call "Doctor 90210," Robert Rey, to schedule an initial consultation at his Beverly Hills plastic surgery practice.


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